demon Nation



What is in “a new nation formed by the demons”. “demon Nation” is a performing arts in which everything is regarded as “evil” and theoretically depicts how to form “nation” by tracing them, human memory, human acts, human relationships.
Performers are seven performers in their 20s to 70s and one bassist. Each creates events extracted from their acts as scenes, a new aspect emerges as each scene overlaps, “evil” is emitted towards the audience.
The scene has parts mainly based on words and parts based mainly on the body and by constructing them alternately and simultaneously, the work is profound but there is a feeling of speed, and while audience pass various kinds of information it is constructed that you can experience the world of “evil”.


Play dates

Duration: 80 min.
22 DEC 2016, THU 19:30 at RAFT – Tokyo, JP
23 DEC 2016, FRI 14:00 + 19:30 at RAFT – Tokyo, JP
24 DEC 2016, SAT 14:00 + 19:30 at RAFT – Tokyo, JP
25 DEC 2016, SUN 14:00 at RAFT – Tokyo, JP

上演時間 約80分
2016年12月22日[木]19:00 於 RAFT[東中野 中野坂上]
2016年12月23日[金]14:00 + 19:30 於 RAFT[東中野 中野坂上]
2016年12月24日[土]14:00 + 19:30 於 RAFT[東中野 中野坂上]
2016年12月25日[日]14:00 於 RAFT[東中野 中野坂上]


Photo: Yoko Miura


Direction: Akira Nakazawa
Performance: Hogara Kawai, Mina Sasaki, Yuki Koga, Yoko Ran, Akane Watanabe, Yosuke Okamoto and Ayaka Ono
Live Music: Yuji Taniguchi
Sound Director: Yu Sakimoto
Costume: Shun Hidaka & Kotoha Yokozawa
Still Photography: Yoko Miura
Advertising Desing: Mahaya Takara
Support of Management: Ayako Murai
Support: Ressenchka, Letre, Purissima, Office Ran, FUKAIPRODUCE-Hagoromo, HIDAKA, kotohayokozawa
Plan & Production: Spacenotblank
Co-Production: RAFT

演出 中澤陽
出演 河井朗(ルサンチカ)
演奏 谷口勇次
音楽監督 崎本優
衣裳 日高俊 横澤琴葉
記録写真 三浦庸古
宣伝美術 高良真剣
運営協力 村井綾子
協力 ルサンチカ レトル プリッシマ
   オフィス・ラン FUKAIPRODUCE羽衣
   HIDAKA kotohayokozawa
主催・企画・製作 スペースノットブランク
共催 NPO法人らふと

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