Journey to the Blank


“Journey to the Blank” is a performance that make absence by journey exist as the piece.
This piece will be performed for about 2 weeks. During that time, Ayaka Ono and Akira Nakazawa perform the journey to the blank and disappear.
It is impossible in principle to see this piece by anybody eyes.
This piece is a performance that keeps the absence while keeping the existence as a piece. There is nowhere to performance place, and the performers just show the significance of existence of this piece by disappearing. We will express a new form of the performing arts we think about here and devote a little mercy to the theatres just to be passed through.

「Journey to the Blank」は、旅立ちによる不在を作品として存在させるパフォーマンス。

Play dates

Duration: 21,600 min.
From 25 MAY 2017, THU Until 8 JUN 2017, THU at “None”

上演時間 約21,600分
2017年5月25日[木]から2017年6月8日[木]まで 於 なし


Direction & Performance: Ayaka Ono & Akira Nakazawa
Plan & Production: Ayaka Ono & Akira Nakazawa / Spacenotblank

演出・出演 小野彩加 中澤陽
主催・企画・製作 小野彩加 中澤陽 / スペースノットブランク

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