Two characters named Kato and Nakamura appear in “FATBOMBER”. The two act mutually, repeating interference and sidelines, “story” is expanded.
This work is a theatrical performance that focuses on the “narrative nature” of the stage and is designed to expand and divide it. The work starts from the scene where one of the performer explains of the whole “story”. However, the “story” abruptly deviates from its path, and that which was prepared for the audience thought is lost.
“Story” is a line of stuff, and the audience will experience “drama” by connecting it inside the thinking. As like a relationship between Kato and Nakamura, it is a work that constructed a mechanism in which the audience and the “story” interact with each other, and the interference and sidelines are repeated.


Play dates

Duration: 68 min.
6 AUG 2013, TUE 19:00 at ST Spot – Yokohama, JP
7 AUG 2013, WE 14:00 + 19:00 at ST Spot – Yokohama, JP

上演時間 約68分
2013年8月6日[火]19:00 於 STスポット[横浜]
2013年8月7日[水]14:00 + 19:00 於 STスポット[横浜]


Photo: Yutaro Nakamura


Direction: Akira Nakazawa
Performance: Yuki Koga & Tsubasa Ito
Choreography: Ayaka Ono
Sound Director: Yu Sakimoto
Assistant Director: Rena Mase
Costume: Kotoha Yokozawa & Shun Hidaka
Still Photography: Yutaro Nakamura
Video Recording: Yuki Kosuge
Adevertising Photo: Midori Takahashi
Advertising Desing: fundam
Support of Production: Office ViTainment
Plan & Production: Spacenotblank

演出 中澤陽
出演 古賀友樹 伊東翼
振付 小野彩加
音楽監督 崎本優
照明 後藤健太
演出助手 間瀬玲奈
衣裳 横澤琴葉 日高俊
記録写真 中村祐太郎
記録映像 小菅雄貴
宣伝写真 高橋美登里
宣伝美術 fundam
制作協力 オフィスヴィーテインメント
主催・企画・製作 スペースノットブランク

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