Chance Operations


Short piece fourth work which is researched for “Civilization from Outer Space” by Ayaka Ono & Akira Nakazawa.
The title which made plural form of “Chance Operation” performed by John Cage.
The choreography began at the stage following the direction corresponding to the eyes of the dice, and then the space was constructed by tracing the actions of various others while walking around the city. Songs, costumes, and the composition of the work themselves are all determined on the basis of some coincidence. “Chance Operations” is that considered how dance works can be created without using thought and body techniques.


(Can not play from Hong Kong)

Play dates

Duration: 10min.
14 JAN 2017, SAT 18:00 – Dansalon vol.3 at Spiral Hall – Tokyo, JP
Organizer: Dancesalon Executive Committee
Support: Wacoal Art Center Co.,Ltd.

上演時間 約10分
2017年1月14日[土]18:00 – ダンサロン vol.3 於 スパイラルホール[表参道]
主催・制作 ダンサロン実行委員会
協力 株式会社ワコールアートセンター


Photo: Manaho Kaneko


Direction: Ayaka Ono & Akira Nakazawa
Performance: Ayaka Ono
Advertising Photo: Yoko Miura
Production: Ayaka Ono & Akira Nakazawa / Spacenotblank

演出 小野彩加 中澤陽
出演 小野彩加
宣伝写真 三浦庸古
製作 小野彩加 中澤陽 / スペースノットブランク

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