before Christ before Ono


Short piece third work which is researched for “Civilization from Outer Space” by Ayaka Ono & Akira Nakazawa.
Comparing the world before Jesus Christ and the world before Ayaka Ono, the first part repeats tremor at a level invisible with wearing big cloth. The second part is a work that looked like a samurai and performed stylistic behavior. “before Christ before Ono” is that considering from what stage the body can shift to dance.


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Play dates

Duration: 22min.
8 JAN 2017, THU 19:30 – “Dance-Ga-Mitai!” Newcomer Series Vol.15 at d-Soko – Tokyo, JP
Organizer: “Dance-Ga-Mitai!” Executive Committee
Co-Organizer: d-Soko

上演時間 約22分
2017年1月8日[木]19:30 – ダンスがみたい!新人シリーズ15 於 d-倉庫[日暮里]
主催 「ダンスがみたい!」実行委員会
共催 d-倉庫


Direction: Ayaka Ono & Akira Nakazawa
Performance: Ayaka Ono
Advertising Photo: Yoko Miura
Production: Ayaka Ono & Akira Nakazawa / Spacenotblank

演出 小野彩加 中澤陽
出演 小野彩加
宣伝写真 三浦庸古
製作 小野彩加 中澤陽 / スペースノットブランク


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