The meaning of “Alpha Omega” is “beginning and end”. “AlphaOmega” is a performing arts formed with “beginning and end” of the whole universe.
Thought about how can it be connect directly the stage and the environment, and the stage shows the moment when the performers are in front of the audience and the moments they are not in the front of the audience. We doesn’t specify the situation of “beginning and end” that because it is formed that audience can define it with their own values.
“Alpha Omega” also means “everything”. Environment dependent, environment independent. We consider the space that compatible with them, and it expresses as the work from where as a life from where.
A philosopher who lost “now” goes on a journey in finding of “now”. Based on the story, various encounters of “beginning and end” are drawn.


Play dates

Duration: 78 min.
25 DEC 2015, FRI 19:00 at Studio Kudoh – Tokyo, JP
26 DEC 2015, SAT 16:00 + 19:00 at Studio Kudoh – Tokyo, JP
27 DEC 2015, SUN 13:00 + 16:00 at Studio Kudoh – Tokyo, JP

上演時間 約78分
2015年12月25日[金]19:00 於 スタジオ空洞[池袋]
2015年12月26日[土]19:00 於 スタジオ空洞[池袋]
2015年12月27日[日]19:00 於 スタジオ空洞[池袋]


Photo: Midori Takahashi


Direction: Akira Nakazawa
Performance: Yohei Moriwaki, Taiki Masuzawa, Ayane Nakagawa and Ayaka Ono
Sound Director: Yu Sakimoto
Costume: Shun Hidaka & Kotoha Yokozawa
Still Photography: Midori Takahashi
Advertising Desing: fundam
Support of Production: Rune Takahashi
Supports: Legiter Planning, ShibuHouse, Suichu-Megane, Hidaka, kotohayokozawa
Plan & Production: Spacenotblank

演出 中澤陽
出演 森脇洋平(リジッター企画)
音楽監督 崎本優
衣裳 日高俊 横澤琴葉
記録写真 高橋美登里
宣伝美術 fundam
制作 亀海さやか
運営協力 高橋ルネ
協力 リジッター企画 渋家 水中めがね∞ HIDAKA kotohayokozawa
主催・企画・製作 スペースノットブランク

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