Co-production work by Rune Takahashi & Akira Nakazawa.
Work related to “name” based on the concept of “naming is affection that parent can give for the first time in their birth”.
Reproduction of the family register of Rune Takahashi with a copier, and expressions that doubt the existence of family register against the act of naming.
At the end, Rune Takahashi wears a copy of a many family register and reads it.



Photo: Yuki Ishida

Play dates

Duration: 20min.
18 SEP 2015, FRI 16:00 + 19:00 – ICiT final 1day Produce “RAFT BALL” at RAFT – Tokyo, JP
Organizer: ICiT -Independent Choreographers in Tokyo-
Co-Organizer: RAFT

上演時間 約20分
2015年9月18日[金]16:00 + 19:00 – ICiT ファイナル 1day プロデュース “RAFT BALL” 於 RAFT[東中野 中野坂上]
主催 ICiT -Independent Choreographers in Tokyo-
共催 NPO法人らふと


Direction & Performance: Rune Takahashi, Akira Nakazawa
Still Photography: Yuki Ishida
Production: Akira Nakazawa / Spacenotlblank
Co-Productions: Rune Takahashi

演出・出演 高橋ルネ 中澤陽
記録写真 石田祐規
製作 中澤陽 / スペースノットブランク
共同製作 高橋ルネ

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