monsoon monomania


“monsoon” name of seasonal wind. “monomania” kind of paranoia. This work made as a dance double bill, “monsoon” is a solodance. “monomania” is formed by the body expression that the four performers weave.
“monsoon” is choreographed using a mechanism that the transition of the seasons is created from the natural body by choreography, “monomania” is choreographed using a structure in which small vibrations sublimate to great movement.
Solo works whose choreographer herself choreographed out of herself and danced. And works choreographer choreographed four performers to the inside from outside like combine. The two works contrast the “nature and society” in body expression. By combining paired approaches to body expression, it is constructed as a work that allows audiences to sense “inside and outside” of their bodies from either direction.


Play dates

Duration: 60 min.
20 MAR 2014, THU 19:00 at RAFT – Tokyo, JP
21 MAR 2014, FRI 16:00 + 19:00 at RAFT – Tokyo, JP
22 MAR 2014, SAT 16:00 + 19:00 at RAFT – Tokyo, JP

上演時間 約60分
2014年3月20日[木]19:00 於 RAFT[東中野 中野坂上]
2014年3月21日[金祝]16:00 + 19:00 於 RAFT[東中野 中野坂上]
2014年3月22日[土]16:00 + 19:00 於 RAFT[東中野 中野坂上]

Video & Pictures

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Photo: Midori Takahashi


Performance & Choreography: Ayaka Ono

Choreography: Akira Nakazawa
Performance: Ayaka Ono, Yuki Koga, Rune Takahashi, Tetsuya Yamashita

Direction: Akira Nakazawa
Original Music: ARuFa
Sound Director: Yu Sakimoto
Costume: Shun Hidaka
Choreography: Ayaka Ono
Still Photography: Midori Takahashi
Advertising Illustration: Sayaka Nakamura
Advertising Desing: fundam
Support of Management: Suzune Azumi, Taiki Kokubu, Rena Mase
Plan & Production: Spacenotblank

出演・振付 小野彩加

振付 中澤陽
出演 小野彩加 古賀友樹 高橋ルネ 山下哲矢

演出 中澤陽
音楽 ARuFa
音楽監督 崎本優
衣裳 日高俊
記録写真 高橋美登里
宣伝イラスト 中村さやか
宣伝美術 fundam
運営協力 安住涼音 國分大輝 間瀬玲奈
主催・企画・製作 スペースノットブランク

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